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We design new production systems worldwide and optimize existing productions.


Image by carlos aranda


Market requirements to which companies have to react to change rapidly today. Not only start-ups are faced with the challenge of bringing new products to market as quickly as possible. In order to shorten the time-to-market, the production must already be planned and set up while the development of the product is not yet completed. How can production be designed under high time pressure and fuzzy information? By parallelizing processes and using versatile production systems. From the building to the system concept, from greenfield to brownfield optimization: with our scientifically based modular method, we plan your production systems and support you in the production-oriented design of your product portfolio.


  • How can I ensure competitiveness and sustainability of production in a dynamic environment?

  • How do I set up the production of a new product if the product is still in development?

  • How do I design a versatile production system that can be flexibly adapted to new requirements?

  • How do I accelerate my production processes and where can I start to make my processes even more efficient?

  • What is the optimal material and value flow for my production? 

  • How do I minimize the integration losses of new products or technologies in my production system?


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