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We develop foresighted and holistic production strategies, taking all relevant factors into account.



A successful production strategy is consistent with the company's other functional strategies and benefits the overall corporate strategy. It provides a strategic framework for management to orchestrate the global production network. In today's dynamic business environment, it is crucial to understand the production strategy as continuous development reacting flexibly to changing conditions.

As production and digitization experts as well as interface, requirements and innovation managers, we are your ideal partner when it comes to taking a holistic view of production. Together with you, we anticipate potential as well as challenges and transfer them into strategic initiatives.


  • How do I design my innovation management so that my production remains competitive in the long term?

  • How strong is the vertical integration in my added value and how do I design the relationship with my suppliers?

  • How do I optimize the occupancy of my plants and where do I produce my future products?

  • How do I resolve the tension between responsiveness and efficiency in my production?

  • How do I design a sustainable and cost-effective production system?

  • How can production bottlenecks and failures be anticipated and prevented?

  • Which degree of automation and digitization is appropriate for my production?


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